Cinematography / Videography / Photography

Industry professional (guns for hire) behind your camera, a rental camera, or our cameras to serve as your Directors of Photography, Cinematographers, or Camera Operators.

Production Services / Post  Production 

Production Prep and or Training /

We can set you up with A.D.s, Line Producers / Production Managers for Scheduling, Budgeting, Equipment List Referencing as per Location Scouting, Crew Wish List and Budget.

Or we can train your first time A.D.s, Line Producers, Production Managers.

Script Mentor-ship and Project Development

Learn from our seasoned Screenwriter the basics of formatting as applied to the shooting scripts vs as applied for soliciting funds.

Learn from Producers about the basics needed for project development, project pitching, packaging and soliciting.

Grip – Electric Seminars  (coming soon)

Learn from seasoned Gaffers and Key Grips, set operations protocol, lighting principals and applications.

Learn basic Grip and Electric equipment and the best practices and roles of each member of the Grip – Electric Department.

Learn how to match your equipment wish list to your budget, location and your crews needs, abilities and schedule.