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Our Approach

The Motion Picture and Media Arts Industries have a common trait among the people that work in it. Love of the industry. More people quit other careers, to eventually become one of us. With that in mind, we meet each creative challenge with the diligence, intelligence, professionalism and respect that creative endeavors demand.                       With this approach, we celebrate the collaborative effort.

Our Story

While serving as Cinematographer for an up and coming filmmaker, I was introduced to a fellow Director / Cinematographer,  whom I realized had similar aspirations.  We recognized in one another, not just knowledge and experience, but an admiration for the craft and the creative process. As we eventually teamed up as collaborators, my desire to be a part of something creative and bigger than myself was reignited.  The industry professionals below include peers with whom I have worked with over my 30 plus years of filmmaking. The prerequisites for inclusion into this roster are simple. Experience, professionalism, success, and above all, love for the craft. Nothing beats loving what you do for a living. When your peers feel the same, your workplace feels like home.

Meet the Team

Edwin M Figueroa

Moving Image Social Club

Motion Picture Studio Mechanic since 1988, working grip trucks while still attending CCNY’s  Picker Film Institute. A 30 plus year career includes 20 plus years as a Key Grip,  I.A.T.S.E.  Local 52 member since 1997. Additional credits include Cinematographer, Editor and of course Directing. 

Rich MacDonald

Johnny Red Entertainment

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Neal Gumpel

Head Writer

A chance encounter in 1994 with Academy Award winner Jim Sheridan led to Neal Gumpel’s first script sale aka ticket to the Hollywood studio system. With script sales to DreamWorks and Disney, often based on simple pitches, he was launched into the feature world. Assignments involving rewrites and treatments followed. After twenty years he retreated back to the East Coast where he presently is working with several production companies on two of his character driven features.

Alexandru Androne

Sound Mixer and Designer


Alexandru Androne started in the video world at PS1 Museum Of Modern Art, while attending the Robert F Wagner Institute for the Arts and Technology High School.

His love for the world of music transcended from playing keys and percussion as a young boy, to working as a DJ and musician after High School and segueing into the world of production and recording.

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